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Подборки дизайнеров.

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Thrillia Mobile App — Activation by Lukáš Straňák for PLATFORM
Qlue iOS App Redesign by Ghani Pradita
ToFind — Concept Controller by Leo Leung
Home + Feed for medical app (WIP) by Prakhar Neel Sharma
Slidely Show — Movie Maker App by Hila Peleg
Messaging App: Activity Screen by Grace Ho
Airbnb by Kiran6390
Daily UI #047 — Activity Feed by Maja Bergendahl
Social Location App by Masudur Rahman
Daily UI Day 47 Activity Feed by Andrej Radisic
Same page with ohter picture by TwoAxe
Weekly Layup #9 — Voicey Profile Page by followilko
Fancy iOS 9 by Ben Bate
EventUs by Tomas Skarba for PLATFORM
interface by Shan Zi
Social App by Yehezkiel Gulo
Feed Exploration by Justin Graham
Day009-Recipe App by UISTAR
My Feed + Notifications (For spare pixels) by Prakhar Neel Sharma
avsc. tasklist interaction by Wojciech Zieliński
Live Stre.ams by Ionut Zamfir
Frame.io for iPhone by Zahir Ramos for Frame.io
Mojas iOS Video Apps by Masudur Rahman
Four directional multi-dimensional controller — pull down by Leo Leung
Group App Mobile by Agung Krisna Wijaya
News App by Artyom Khamitov
Travel/Moment by Gale P🚣 for Freedom Union Studio
Activation and level interaction by Leo Leung
interface by Shan Zi
Daily Inspiration App Concept by Stefan Hiienurm for Thorgate
Music mini player by Leo Leung
Fubiz mobile terminal design by Zhao Legs
Recipe App by Murat Gursoy
Google Newsstand Navigation Pattern by Aurélien Salomon
Newsfeed & cards screens by Alex Ds Karera
comp-1_1 by Sergey Pikin for Zajno Crew
Feed by Vladimir Gruev
Daily UI #005 — Singing App by ZiJen
Tipster Feed UI by clᴧy
iOS vs Android by Mariana Gomes for Significa
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